JBJS Orthopaedic Surgical Videos

JBJS is launching a new digital media resources page specially designed for orthopaedic surgeons and residents.  The main focus of the JBJS digital media is to provide an access to orthopaedic videos featuring essential surgical procedures and scientific infographics tied up with the articles that had been published across all JBJS journals.
Let’s take a quick look!

JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques

is a collection of 2500+ videos categorized by subspecialties and filtered by anatomy that provides a full access to all relevant videos and articles. jbjs media

JBJS Images

– Visual representations of study data. At a glance, users get a summary of key information to enrich their knowledge of study findings and orthopaedic outcomes.jbjs images

JBJS Podcasts

– Gain insights into the latest scientific studies in each issue of JBJS. Keep current with orthopaedic science and research. Or listen to engaging, high-impact content  from “What’s New” and “What’s Important” series, to Commentaries and Reviews—with JBJS Audio mobile app narrated by members of the medical communityjbjs audiowatch.

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