JBJS JOPA Image Quiz: Lateral Clavicle Fracture

clou1.jpgThis month’s Image Quiz from the JBJS Journal of Orthopaedics for Physician Assistants (JOPA) presents the case of a 64-year-old woman who fell out of bed while sleeping and landed directly on the lateral aspect of the right shoulder. Based on the image shown here and a Zanca view radiograph, she was diagnosed in the emergency room with a lateral clavicle fracture. After staying in a sling for about two weeks, the patient continued to have shoulder pain when using the arm with overhead activities and when sleeping on the shoulder at night.

Select from among four choices as the next best step in treatment: MRI to evaluate the coracoclavicular ligaments, open reduction/internal fixation, continued sling treatment until pain resolves, or transacromial wire fixation.

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7 responses to “JBJS JOPA Image Quiz: Lateral Clavicle Fracture”

  1. M Ahmed says :

    Continued sling treatment

  2. Christian Méndez says :

    MRI to evaluate the coracoclavicular ligaments

  3. Anonymous says :


  4. Utpal Gogoi says :

    Open reduction & internal fixation

  5. Emrah SAYIT says :

    I would prefer to continue sling treatment for four more weeks.

  6. Guillermo Collado says :

    Si opta por tratamiento incruento seguirá con dolor y limitación en tareas por arriba de los 90 grados de elevacion durante 30 días más.
    Puede curar
    RAFI reducción anatómica y pronta función con restricciones hasta la consolidación 45 días?

  7. Ismail Turkmen says :

    Hook plate

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