Must-Have Knee-Replacement App for Patients, a medical-app review site, gives My Knee Guide a top rating for patients who are thinking about having a knee replacement. The app, available for iPhones and iPads, received the highest ratings for functionality, coolness, and overall features. This app includes a calendar of specific surgery details, email alerts to remind patients of things to do, and a guide that tells patients what to expect on the days prior to and after surgery. From the physician perspective, My Knee Guide helps orthopaedic surgeons set expectations for patients and educates them throughout the process. The app also includes commentaries from patients about their actual experiences with knee replacement.

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  1. Thank you for your kind review of My Knee Guide. Since the iPhone app review has been published, My Knee Guide has been busy with adding to our services for knee replacement patients. We have released our website which provides all of the same functions as the app. Additionally, we have been very busy on social media including Twitter. We have developed a very engaged following that provides daily support to many patients going through knee replacement. We plan to continue to expand our services and affiliations to continue to educate patients on safety issues.

    – Brian Hatten, M.D.

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