Peer Review Week Day 4-AM

JBJS is helping celebrate Peer Review Week 2017 by formally recognizing some of its top reviewers for their contributions. Each day during Peer Review Week 2017, JBJS will profile six different top reviewers on OrthoBuzz each morning and afternoon. This morning, let’s meet  William M. Ricci, Mary Forte, Kimberly Templeton, and Kodali Prasad.


William M. Ricci, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
Reviewing for JBJS provides the opportunity to help authors maximize the impact of their work.

How do you find time to review for JBJS?
Finding time to review journal articles is simply a matter a prioritization.  Journal reviews get put on a task list.  Once it bubbles to near the top, it gets done.

What do you see as JBJS‘ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
JBJS should be publishing impactful research that helps shape future care standards.


Mary Forte PhD, DC
Northwestern Health Sciences University

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
I enjoy reading current and cutting-edge research that has the potential to advance orthopaedic knowledge and improve patient care and outcomes. Reviewing also improves my critical reading and research assessment skills.

How do you find time to review for JBJS?
I make time to review manuscripts, typically over 2 sessions. First reading can be done anywhere; I jot then plan writing time as back up if needed.

What do you see as JBJS‘ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
It is critical that JBJS publishes valid, relevant orthopaedic research, since the highly-regarded research information is often used and cited by surgeons. The goal should remain the advancement of solid orthopaedic knowledge to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.


Kimberly Templeton, MD
University of Kansas-Kansas City

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
Reviewing for JBJS helps me to keep up to date with what researchers are interested in and working on in a variety of areas.  There is almost always something that I find in an article that I’m reviewing that fits with something in which I am interested or currently investigating.

How do you find time to review for JBJS?
I take articles to review with me wherever I go.  I can always find time to review between cases in the OR or while sitting in airports.

What do you see as JBJS‘ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
JBJS helps to shape the future of orthopaedics by providing a platform for researchers from around the world to bring their work to a wide variety of audiences, from both general and subspecialty orthopaedic surgeons to researchers from a variety of fields.


Kodali Siva R. K. Prasad, MD
Institution: Prince Charles Hospital

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
JBJS claims the pride of place as a publication medium for contemporary orthopaedic research to sustain the traditional hallmark of excellence as the highest impact orthopaedic journal in the world for the foreseeable future. As the old adage says, excellence breeds excellence. In fact, now JBJS represents a uniquely comprehensive group of journals across the spectrum of evidence and access in orthopaedic literature with similar emphasis on the quality of rigorous peer review as well as editorial direction, supervision, active participation and final production. The team effort and leadership by example are obvious.

Instead of resting on past laurels, JBJS has adapted to 21st century changes in publication of orthopaedic research with systems for distinctive dual content review and methodological review. JBJS is also dynamic in consistently exploring avenues for improvements and represents the pinnacle of publication for original scientific and clinical research for scientific advances and clinical application. It is exciting to be in the centre of this unique focus, fervor and diversity of developments for the progress of orthopaedic knowledge at the expanding horizons to grace the glorious frontiers and participate in shaping the future. It is an honor and challenge to make a mark as a reviewer for JBJS’ range of journals.

How do you find time to review for JBJS?
An effective review process is a preamble to editorial review and decision and mirrors the quality of published research. If the former is a window, the latter is a door for ventilation of research. Both function in tandem to facilitate a vital view of research for creative excellence and pioneering contribution to trauma and orthopaedic surgery. I believe that this call of pioneering duty for present and future generations is effectively an extended clinical endeavor with no option of backtracking. So naturally I make time outside my clinical commitments without any reservations.

What do you see as JBJS‘ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
JBJS is in the pole position to play a pivotal role as a purveyor of ideal current orthopaedic practice and a driver of unique synthesis of interchangeable application of research and clinical practice in trauma and orthopaedic surgery for evidence-based practice in the new millennium.

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