The Rapid Growth of Orthopaedics in China

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The November 1, 2017 issue of JBJS contains another in a series of “What’s Important” personal essays from orthopaedic clinicians. This “What’s Important” article comes from Dr. Cyril Mauffrey.

Having grown up in Hong Kong and Singapore, Dr. Mauffrey juxtaposes the economic growth in China over 35 years with the transformation during the last decade in the practice of orthoapedics in this land of 1.4 billion people. With both a personal and professional perspective, he explains how China has adapted orthopaedically—with the help of the Chinese Orthopaedic Association, AO Asia Pacific, and several pioneering individuals—to “standardize care and promote clinical excellence and innovation across the nation.”

If you would like JBJS to consider your “What’s Important” story for publication, please submit a manuscript via Editorial Manager. When asked to select an article type, please choose Orthopaedic Forum and include “What’s Important:” at the beginning of the title.

Because they are personal in nature, “What’s Important” submissions will not be subject to the usual stringent JBJS peer-review process. Instead, they will be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief, who will correspond with the author if revisions are necessary and make the final decision regarding acceptance.

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