The JBJS Elite Reviewers Program publicly recognizes our best reviewers for their outstanding efforts. Reviewers who review 4 or more manuscripts per year, rarely decline an invitation to review a manuscript (responding within 48 hours), and complete highly graded reviews within 1 week are eligible for the program. Elite Reviewers receive the following benefits in recognition of their exemplary performance:

  • No submission fees for papers of which the reviewer is the first author (for 12 months)
  • Free CME credits for all reviews
  • Free online access to all JBJS publications
  • A letter to the reviewer’s department head from JBJS Editor-in-Chief, Marc Swiontkowski, MD, recognizing and commending the good work
  • Name recognition on the JBJS Elite Reviewers Program web page and on the JBJS masthead

JBJS also offers a Reviewer Resource Center to support all of our reviewers.

A sincere “thank you” to our latest group of  Elite Reviewers:

Julie Agel, MA, ATC
Donald D. Anderson, PhD
Leon S. Benson, MD
John Gerard Birch, MD, FRCSC
Keith Bridwell, MD
In-Ho Choi, MD, PhD
Peter A. Cole, MD, FAOA
Charles N. Cornell, MD
Brett D. Crist, MD
John M. Cuckler, MD
Thomas A. DeCoster, MD
Shivi Duggal, MD, MBA, MPH
Paul, J. Duwelius, MD, FAAOS
Nicholas J. Giori, MD, PhD
H. Kerr Graham, MD, FRACS
Allan E. Gross, MD, FRCSC, OOnt.
Iftach Hetsroni, MD
Nitin B. Jain, MD, MSPH
Charles M. Jobin, MD
Charles E. Johnston, MD
Grant Lloyd Jones, MD
Andrew P. Kurmis, FRACS(Ortho), FAOrthA, FFSTEd, AMA(M), CIME, PhD(Ortho), PGDip(SurgAnat), BMBS(Hons), BMedRad(Hons), BAppSc(MedRad)
William D. Lack, MD
Paul E. Levin, MD
Jonathan C. Levy, MD
Terence E. McIff, MBA, PhD
Harry A. McKellop, PhD
Dana C. Mears, MD, PhD
Peter O. Newton, MD
Steven A. Olson, MD
Peter G. Passias, MD, MS
Vincent D. Pellegrini Jr., MD
Per-Henrik Randsborg, MD, PhD
David Ring, MD, PhD
Scott Rodeo, MD
Cecilia Rogmark, MD, PhD
Peter S. Rose, MD
Matthew D. Saltzman, MD
Sophia N. Sangiorgio, PhD
Robert Cumming Schenck Jr., MD
Edward M. Schwarz, PhD
William F. Scully, MD, FAAOS
Howard Seeherman, PhD, VMD
Noam Shohat, MD
James B. Talmage, MD
Rupesh Tarwala, MD
James E. Tibone, MD
Daniel G. Tobert, MD
Thomas Parker Vail, MD
Roger van Riet, MD, PhD
Andre J. van Wijnen, PhD
Kelly G. Vince, MD
Arvind G. von Keudell, MD
Brian C. Werner, MD
David Alan Wong, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Jacques T. YaDeau, MD, PhD
Adolph J. Yates Jr., MD

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