JBJS Clinical Classroom: A Better Path to Orthopaedic Proficiency

In 2017, JBJS partnered with NEJM Group to launch JBJS Clinical Classroom—an adaptive learning platform that meets the unique learning needs and requirements of orthopedic training programs worldwide. Clinical Classroom identifies gaps in individual users’ knowledge and assesses their self-confidence in 11 orthopaedic subspecialties. Curated by orthopaedic experts and powered by leading-edge learning technology, Clinical Classroom has quickly become a leading platform for helping orthopaedic residency programs to:

  • Identify residents’ knowledge gaps through detailed reports and monitoring
  • Improve residents’ knowledge and critical thinking skills
  • Keep residents up-to-date with the latest and highest-quality orthopaedic findings
  • Better prepare residents for OITE and board certification exams

To meet changing user needs and implement technological advancements, JBJS has improved the overall user experience in Clinical Classroom. These significant enhancements were made possible by upgrading from the original NEJM Knowledge+ platform to the new Rhapsode platform by Area9.

Highlights of JBJS Clinical Classroom on Rhapsode include the following:

  • Updated adaptive algorithm that incorporates the most advanced adaptive tools for more efficient individualized learning
  • Improved reporting and metrics providing residents and residency directors with a more comprehensive dive into individual and group performance
  • In-platform coaching delivers helpful tips tailored to resident progress and confidence as they progress through subspecialties
  • Enhanced look and feel: The clean, modern Dashboard and improved navigation allow residents to interact with and move effectively throughout the product for optimal learning
  • And so much more

To learn more about the enhanced JBJS Clinical Classroom on Rhapsode and how Clinical Classroom can best serve your program, click here.

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