Your case is on hold podcast

Your Case Is On Hold: A New Podcast from JBJS


This guest post comes from Dr. Andrew Schoenfeld, co-host with Dr. Antonia Chen of the new JBJS podcast, Your Case Is On Hold. 

It goes without saying, in these times, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a good handle on the orthopaedic literature with the frequency and volume of papers published every month. Orthopaedic surgeons are increasingly challenged to juggle patient care, education, and Maintenance of Certification, while also staying up-to-date on emerging techniques and practicechanging research.  

In each 30-minute episode, Antonia and I will discuss relevant points, interesting insights, and implications for research and practice in a way that can help clinicians and surgeons target those articles that would be the most impactful for them. We’ll also bring a good dose of humor and wild references to our other vocational interests, including pop culture, fashion, music, and entertainment. For example, what does Keyser Söze of the Usual Suspects have to do with orthopaedic research you say? Listen to find out! 

We feel privileged that JBJS supported us in the development of this podcast, which we believe will be of interest to established surgeons, trainees, medical students, and even the lay public. We hope everyone will try it out! 

Listen and subscribe to Your Case Is On Hold with Antonia Chen and Andrew Schoenfeld here. 

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