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Art, Music, and JBJS Reviews in the Latest OrthoJOE Podcast

One of the great things about the OrthoJOE podcast is the unexpected places a conversation can go, leaving the listener richer for tuning in. In the latest episode of the OrthoJOE podcast, JBJS Reviews Editor Dr. Tom Einhorn and podcast hosts Drs. Mo Bhandari and Marc Swiontkowski delve into the connection between the arts and a healthy work-life balance. And in their discussion, they feature a theme of the new JBJS “What’s Important” Arts & Humanities section.

The conversation travels to the 1960s, when Dr. Einhorn, prior to his ortho surgeon days, played guitar in a band. The band warmed up for The Who, Cream, and The Association. The discussion explores the importance of “rediscovering” artistic pursuit. It leaves listeners inspired to consider how their own personal passions help complement their lives as health practitioners.

In the podcast links, Dr. Einhorn shares a recent cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Land of Hope and Dreams.” It was recorded with his current musical collaborators.

JBJS Reviews in OrthoJOE Podcast

Turning to the orthopaedic literature, Dr. Einhorn also shares notes on the founding of JBJS Reviews and its emergence as a “go-to” source for the orthopaedic community. He also discusses the types of articles that JBJS Reviews is currently seeking. More on that can be found in this recent OrthoBuzz post. 

Podcast listeners will also want to be sure to check out the latest episode of Your Case Is On Hold. It’s called Research Nihilism, The Big Lebowski, and Total Joint Revision in the Swedish Twin Registry.” Co-hosts Drs. Antonia Chen and Andrew Schoenfeld discuss a selection of articles from the April 6 issue of JBJS. Listeners will also enjoy a dose of entertainment and pop culture added to the mix.  

To access or subscribe to the OrthoJOE podcast, go here. And for Your Case Is On Hold, go here. 

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