Social Media Advisory Board Spotlight: Jennifer Beck

JBJS is pleased to highlight our Social Media Advisory Board Members that have participated with Guest Posts for OrthoBuzz within the past year. 



Jennifer Beck


Orthopaedic Institute for Children/UCLA

Aside from orthopaedic content (journals and otherwise), what have you been reading lately?: 

Currently reading “Her Hidden Genius” by Marie Benedict. A story about my medical school’s namesake Rosalind Franklin and her personal and professional life. Strong women in the past have been aside as scientist with their efforts and recognition lost over time. Her contributions and legacy, with others like Marie Curie, are important for all students of science to know and understand.

Twitter handle:


What is your subspecialty and areas of focus?

Pediatric Sports Medicine

How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

Making it a priority! It takes constant effort and realizing you can’t be perfect in all areas of your life.

What has been the highlight of your career (so far)?

Having undergrad and medical student mentees now in the orthopedic community!!

Why do you think social media is important in orthopaedics? And how do you use it in your practice/career?

Connecting to an audience and people you wouldn’t otherwise have the access or opportunity to meet! New friends, colleagues, and collaborators have all been found through social media. Also, its the best CME you can get for free!!

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