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Applications for the JBJS 2022-2023 Robert Bucholz Journal Club Support Program are now available! Access the main Journal Club Support Program page to download and submit the application. Note: this program is now only available to US-based journal clubs.  

All recipients of the JBJS 2021-2022 Robert Bucholz Journal Club Grant were asked to complete an end-of-year survey that includes a question about how they used the support funds. This interesting reply comes from Georgios Chalatsis, MD, an orthopaedic resident at the University Hospital Larisa, Greece: 

“Our department’s 2021-2022 Journal Club was a great success. All residents from our department were actively involved and cooperated with each other and with the faculty members. We had the privilege and honour of having 3 members of the JBJS Editorial Board join our meetings virtually. Residents from orthopaedic departments of 4 other hospitals in the region also joined our club for these special events.  

Through this year’s program, orthopaedic knowledge was acquired from up-to-date, recently published JBJS literature, and our understanding of evidence-based medicine and treatment decision making was improved. Better communication skills and cooperation between colleagues was established. Residents that were not familiar with research methodology, epidemiology, and statistics improved their understanding along with their presentation and communication skills.” 

Submit your application before the Sept. 30 deadline. For any questions, please contact 

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