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Botulinum toxin treatment of plantar fasciitis, clinical applications of point-of-care ultrasound, and other key topics are presented in the new JBJS Guest Editorial “What’s New in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation.” Here, we spotlight the 5 most compelling findings, as selected by co-author Donald Kasitinon, MD. 


In a study of 20 patients treated with ultrasound-guided percutaneous tenotomy of the common extensor tendon, researchers found no recurrences of recalcitrant lateral elbow tendinopathy at a median follow-up of 90 months1. The procedure “demonstrated good durability of pain relief and functional recovery,” and patient satisfaction remained at a score of 100% at follow-up1. 

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Symptoms of plantar fasciitis have been shown to improve after treatment with botulinum toxin type-A injections, according to a meta-analysis of RCTs (randomized controlled trials)2. The injections resulted in significant functional improvement and pain relief. Patients reported continued relief from pain at 12-month follow-up. 


Treatment with basivertebral nerve (BVN) ablation vs. standard care was evaluated in a study of 140 patients with chronic low back pain of vertebrogenic origin3. The authors of this prospective, open-label, multicenter RCT found significant improvements in pain and function with BVN ablation over standard care, with treatment results sustained through 1 year. The primary end point was a between-arm comparison of the change from baseline in the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI). Secondary end points included VAS for pain, SF-36, and EQ-5D-5L scores; responder rates; and rates of continued opioid use. 


A meta-analysis of 5 studies demonstrated that treatment of lateral epicondylosis with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections or surgery resulted in equivalent outcomes in pain and function4. A pooled total of 340 patients were included. There were no significant differences in VAS pain scores at 2, 6, and 12 months or Patient-Related Tennis Elbow Evaluation scores at 12, 24, and 52 weeks. The authors concluded that PRP may be a reasonable treatment alternative for patients who are poor candidates for surgery or who are apprehensive about it.  


A recent review examined the clinical applications of point-of-care ultrasound, a technology that has seen increased use as ultrasound machines have become more portable and affordable5. Point-of-care ultrasound provides real-time diagnostic information and may help to make procedures safer with ultrasound guidance. However, questions remain regarding the training required for point-of-care ultrasound and the overall impact of this technology on patient outcomes. 

What’s New in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation” is freely available at JBJS.org. 

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