Anatomic illustration depicting deep gluteal pain syndrome.

Video Summary: Endoscopic Technique for Deep Gluteal Pain Syndrome

A video summary is available with the new study by Parodi et al. in JBJS: 

Deep Gluteal Pain Syndrome: Endoscopic Technique and Medium-Term Functional Outcomes 

In this study from Chile, 57 patients underwent an endoscopic operation for sciatic nerve entrapment. The goal of the study was to present the medium-term functional outcomes of endoscopic release of the sciatic nerve without resection of the piriformis tendon. 

Watch the video summary:  

 As concluded by the authors: “Endoscopic release of the sciatic nerve by resection of fibrovascular bands without piriformis tenotomy is a technique with good to excellent functional results comparable with those of techniques in the literature incorporating piriformis tenotomy.” 

Read the study by Parodi et al. at 

JBJS Video

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