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OrthoBuzz is pleased to highlight the 2023 winners of the JBJS Open Access Awards. The annual awards were created in 2021 to acknowledge and celebrate the impactful work of authors. Two awards are given: for the best JBJS Open Access scientific article and the best JBJS Open Access AOA Critical Issues in Education article published each calendar year. Selection of the winning articles is based on several criteria: broad interest across the spectrum of bone and joint surgery; rigorous methodology, a strong message, and useful images or illustrations; the potential to change practice and/or improve orthopaedic education; and findings of international relevance.

Read the recent editorial announcing the winners by JBJS Open Access Co-Editors Drs. Eng Hin Lee and Robin Richards and JBJS Editor Emeritus Dr. Marc Swiontkowski.

Congratulations to the 2023 winners:

Best JBJS Open Access Scientific Article

Socioeconomic Status Affects Postoperative Time to Union in Pediatric Patients with a Surgically Treated Fracture by David M. Heath, MD, Abdullah N. Ghali, MD, David A. Momtaz, BS, MPH, Sarah Nagel, MD, Rishi Gonuguntla, BSA, Shwetha Menon, BS, Hari N. Krishnakumar, BS, Matthew R. Landrum, MD, and Grant D. Hogue, MD

This study sought to investigate the relationship between time to fracture union and socioeconomic status (SES), which was measured with use of the median household income (MHI) and Child Opportunity Index (COI). A total of 395 pediatric patients with a long-bone fracture who had been surgically treated at a Level-I pediatric trauma center between January 2010 and June 2020 were included in the analysis.

The authors conclude, “We found a significant relationship between SES and time to union when controlling for other demographic factors. As the MHI and COI decreased, time to union increased. Additionally, as the MHI and COI increased, the odds of fracture union increased. Additional investigations of the relationship between SES and time to union in pediatric patients are needed to validate these findings.

Read the winning JBJS Open Access scientific article.

Best JBJS Open Access AOA Critical Issues in Education Article

A Dedicated Simulator Training Curriculum Improves Resident Performance in Surgical Management of Pediatric Supracondylar Humerus Fractures by Geb Thomas, PhD, Steven Long, PhD, Trevor Kurtzhals, MS, Emily Connor, MD, Donald D. Anderson, PhD, Matthew Karam, MD, FAOA, and Heather Kowalski, MD, FAOA

“Orthopaedic residents face many competing demands for their time and attention during training,” say the authors. “As a response to these competing pressures, focused skills training and simulation outside of the operating room is becoming an integral part of how residents gain skills.”

In this study, the authors quantitatively compared performance during the wire navigation phase of pediatric supracondylar humeral fracture fixation between 2 groups of orthopaedic residents. They sought to determine whether participation in a dedicated, multifaceted simulation training curriculum would have an impact on objectively measurable indicators of resident surgical performance in the operating room. Complete fluoroscopic sequences from 97 supracondylar fracture closed reduction and percutaneous pin placement cases were reviewed. One group of residents had participated in a single simulator session of wire navigation training (13 residents; 47 cases), and a second group of residents had participated in a dedicated wire navigation simulation training curriculum (15 residents; 50 cases).

The authors conclude, “By taking fewer images and less time while maintaining sufficient pin spread, simulator-trained residents were objectively measured to have improved performance in comparison with residents who had not participated in the pediatric elbow simulator curriculum.”

Read the winning JBJS Open Access AOA Critical Issues in Education article.

About JBJS Open Access

JBJS Open Access is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal from the publishers of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. The mission of the journal is to provide free access to a steady flow of comprehensive, objective, and evidence-based studies that have the potential to impact orthopaedic care worldwide. JBJS Open Access AOA Critical Issues in Education manuscripts are managed in partnership with the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA).

To learn more or to submit an article, visit the Author Resource Center. JBJS Open Access is accepting submissions for original clinical and basic science research, review articles, and education-focused manuscripts.

About the Awards

Learn more about JBJS Open Access and the awards in JBJS Open Access Awards: 2023 Winners and Journal Update.

Or visit the JBJS Open Access Awards page for more information.

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