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JBJS Inc. Acquires Journal of Orthopedics for Physician Assistants (JOPA)

The JouWinter 2016 cover page for JBJS.jpgrnal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS) Inc. announced that, effective today, the Journal of Orthopedics for Physician Assistants (JOPA) will be added to the JBJS family of publications and products focused on meeting the information needs of musculoskeletal health professionals.

“We at JBJS have long recognized the expertise and support PAs provide to today’s multi-professional medical team,” said JBJS Inc. CEO Paul Sandford. “This acquisition will enable us to build the largest community of PAs in the orthopaedic domain, specifically targeting the needs of PA readers, researchers, and authors.”

Dagan Cloutier, PA-C, Founder and Editor of JOPA, will remain in JOPA’s editorial leadership role. “As the publisher of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery—the gold-standard source of information in orthopaedics—JBJS, Inc. is well-positioned to maximize the quality and dissemination of JOPA content,” said Cloutier.

To introduce the entire orthopaedic community to the publishing of JOPA under the aegis of JBJS, Inc., JBJS will offer access to JOPA at no cost to all PAs, nurse practitioners, and other orthopaedic providers who register at the JBJS booth (#1831) during the upcoming AAOS Annual Meeting, March 1 – 5 in Orlando.

New Leadership at The Journal

The Board of Trustees of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc., is pleased to announce new leadership at STRIATUS/JBJS.  Mady Tissenbaum, formerly Associate Publisher and General Manager, has stepped into the role of Publisher, while Paul Sandford, formerly the Chief Financial Officer, will serve as CEO.

“We are fortunate to have such strong leaders within the JBJS organization. With the departure of Kent Anderson, who held the post of CEO and Publisher, we did not have to look far to identify who we felt could best ensure continued success for The Journal,” explained Richard Gelberman, MD, Chair of the Board of Trustees.  “Together, Mady and Paul bring enormous skill and experience in publishing, strategic planning and finance.  Further, they have a strong history of operational leadership and effectiveness in working together with our Board of Trustees.”

“The focus of The Journal remains the same: to provide the most valued orthopaedic information across our portfolio of four journals, to offer practical continuing medical education solutions  for our audience, and to continue to support the highest standards of unbiased, peer reviewed, scientific literature, ” commented Tissenbaum.

Sandford added, “This is an exciting time for The Journal as we celebrate our 125th anniversary.  We have a dedicated and talented team in place to ensure that the organization continues to produce high-quality, actionable content for the next 125 years and beyond, as we continue to reflect and adapt to changes both in orthopaedics and in publishing.”