JBJS Announces a New Benefit to its Authors: Kudos

JBJS values its authors tremendously, as they are essential to providing the high-quality orthopaedic content that The Journal continues to publish every other week for so many years. “The quality of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery depends on the quality of the musculoskeletal manuscripts we receive, and for that we rely on a dedicated community of researcher-authors. With increasing pressure on authors from governments, funders, and institutions to demonstrate the impact of their work, JBJS continues to seek ways to help our authors who help us,” said JBJS Editor-in-Chief, Marc Swiontkowski, MD in last week’s editorial “Helping the Authors Who Help Us”.

JBJS has partnered with Kudos, a service that provides tools for authors to maximize the visibility and reach of their published journal articles. JBJS is now offering Kudos to its authors as a free benefit, to ensure that the high quality work of its authors can reach the widest possible audience.

Launched in April 2014, Kudos is a service designed to help authors and their institutions and funders maximize and measure the visibility and impact of their published articles. Kudos is a web-based toolkit that helps authors increase the visibility and impact of the articles they publish with JBJS and other publishers. Using Kudos, authors can explain and share their work with wider audiences in order to boost article downloads, citations, and altmetrics. Kudos is already used by more than 37,000 researchers worldwide and is supported by more than 40 publishers, including JBJS. Learn more about Kudos as a benefit to JBJS authors here: http://jbjs.org/content/kudos-jbjs-authors.

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