Peer Review Week Day 2-AM

JBJS is helping celebrate Peer Review Week 2017 by formally recognizing some of its top reviewers for their contributions. Each day during Peer Review Week 2017, JBJS will profile six different top reviewers on OrthoBuzz each morning and afternoon. This morning, let’s meet Richard Kang, Pablo Casteneda, and Harry A. McKellop.

Eric M Black, MD
Summit Medical Group

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
I believe it is essential to have a fair, unbiased, and rigorous peer review process for our most important and valued literature source in orthopaedics. Reviewing for JBJS affords me the opportunity to help select only the highest quality research for publication, and help improve a manuscript from a rough form to a superb article that may be cited for generations to come.

How do you find time to review for JBJS?
Finding time to review is not easy, generally after a long clinic or operative day. However, I think it’s essential to carve out a fair amount of time to spend on each article, as I would want a reviewer to do for my own submissions.

What do you see as JBJS’ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
JBJS consistently publishes only the highest quality and most relevant research, and only after an extremely thorough review process. As such, The Journal sets the bar high for superb research, and motivates clinicians and researchers to generate studies that shed light on a wide range of the most relevant clinical topics. This, in turn, will help facilitate surgeons to provide the most up-to-date, quality driven, and value-driven care for their patients.


Javad Parvizi, MD
Rothman Institute

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
Learning about the frontiers. The majority of papers pertain to novel ideas or developments in the field. Every investigator targets JBJS first with their novel discoveries and findings. As a reviewer, we get a peek at these before everyone else. It is like attending the preview of movies before the release.

How do you find time to review for JBJS?
This is an ongoing issue for us all. There is simply not enough time for us to do what we want. Reviewing for any journals, particularly JBJS, is an academically important activity. I have a half a day per week when I try to accomplish all my “deadline” academic activities. Reviewing  for JBJS usually occurs at that time of the week or after midnight when everyone is asleep.

What do you see as JBJS‘ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
JBJS continues to be the go-to journal for many of us who are interested in cutting edge science and discoveries. With the amazing Editor-in-Chief we have in place and the team that he has organized, JBJS continues to play that role better and better each day. I see JBJS becoming the Nature equivalent of science in orthopaedics.


Dana Mears, MD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center- Shadyside Hospital

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
A review of many manuscripts provides an opportunity to evaluate topics from a markedly different perspective than I previously might have done. This is an incentive to reappraise the background literature and to reflect upon a controversial topic.

How do you find time to review for JBJS?
I earmark late Sunday mornings for these assignments, when I am rested and not distracted by clinical activities.

What do you see as JBJS‘ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
A principal role is to provide a forum for meticulously documented publications in topics of major interest to orthopedists that provide an incentive for further investigations and a constructive evolution of the field.

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