Edward Y. Cheng, MD and Quanjun Cui, MD

Papers presented at the most recent biennial meeting of ARCO are now available in the ARCO Special Issue at JBJS.org. This collection can be freely accessed for a limited time.  

Physicians and scientists convened in 2019 in Dalian, the People’s Republic of China. They shared the latest findings on osteonecrosis, a challenging bone disease. Disturbances in bone circulation and arthritis of the hip in young patients were among related topics. 

The article collection is organized into 4 major groups:  

  • Basic science 
  • Clinical research 
  • Outcomes of joint-preserving procedures 
  • Outcomes of joint-replacing procedures 

Read the Introductory Comments by Guest Editors Edward Cheng, MD and Quanjun Cui, MD.  

Expanding Our Knowledge of Osteonecrosis 

ARCO (the Association Research Circulation Osseous) was founded in 1988 with the mission of studying bone circulation and associated disorders, in particular osteonecrosis. As the Guest Editors point out, advances in our understanding and treatment of osteonecrosis “have unfortunately come slowly despite the cadre of experts trying to make progress.”  

They add that the papers in the special collection “extend our knowledge and present new ideas for the scientific community to debate.” 

The meeting was held at the Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian University. It was hosted by Professor Dewei Zhao, who has led a departmental faculty with a lengthy record of research in osteonecrosis. 

Access the complete ARCO Special Issue at JBJS.org 

For more information about ARCO, visit the ARCO website 

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