At the close of the year, JBJS Editor-in-Chief Dr. Marc Swiontkowski reflected on the many articles published in JBJS in 2022, focusing specifically on those that will have the greatest impact on patient care. In a new editorial, Dr. Swiontkowski selects the 10 most impactful works of the year, including 8 scientific articles and 2 supplement publications, with a brief commentary on his selections.

Editorial: Notable Articles of 2022

The selected articles are now featured in the Notable Articles of 2022 Collection at The content is freely available for a limited time.

OrthoBuzz readers can also use the following links to access individual articles included in the collection:

Notes Dr. Swiontkowski in his editorial, “It is my hope that you will review these impactful research papers and incorporate the findings into your patient care decision-making.”

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