Video Abstract: Transphyseal Screw vs. Plate in Hemiepiphysiodesis for Coronal-Plane Knee Deformities

A video abstract is available with the new study by McGinley et al. in JBJS: 

Faster Rate of Correction with Distal Femoral Transphyseal Screws Versus Plates in Hemiepiphysiodesis for Coronal-Plane Knee Deformity: Age- and Sex-Matched Cohorts of Skeletally Immature Patients 

Hemiepiphysiodesis, or guided growth, is used to treat coronal-plane knee deformities in skeletally immature patients. In a new study in JBJS, McGinley et al. compare the rates of correction for distal femoral transphyseal screws and growth modulation plates in age- and sex-matched cohorts with coronal deformities. 

Play the video abstract:  

As concluded by the authors, “The current study provides simple clinical references for the rate of correction of MAD [mechanical axis deviation] and the LDFA [lateral distal femoral angle] for 2 methods of hemiepiphysiodesis. The results suggest that transphyseal screws may correct coronal knee deformities during the initial treatment stage more quickly than growth modulation plates in distal femoral guided growth.” 

Access the study by McGinley et al. at 

JBJS Video

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