Mary K. Mulcahey, MD

JBJS is pleased to welcome Mary K. Mulcahey, MD as the new Deputy Editor for Sports Medicine, effective January 1 of this year. Dr. Mulcahey is the Chief of Sports Medicine at Loyola University Medical Center.

What do you enjoy in your role as Deputy Editor?

I really enjoy reviewing current research in sports medicine and participating in the process of revising to strengthen the quality of the manuscript. I also enjoy reading reviewers’ comments, as I learn a lot from the very insightful feedback that reviewers provide to authors.

How did you become interested in orthopaedics and orthopaedic research?

My interest in orthopaedics stems from being an athlete. I played soccer up through high school and I ran track (long jump, sprints) through the end of college. I was very interested in having a career in sports medicine, so I explored several ways to do that—orthopaedic sports medicine, primary care sports medicine, and physical therapy. Based on that exposure, it was very clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career as an orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon!

In terms of research, I have always been interested in asking questions and trying to find the answers. As I work on projects and try to answer one question, I end up thinking of several new questions that I want to explore. Research is also a great way to work as a team, with medical students, residents, and other faculty, all with a common goal of contributing meaningfully to the orthopaedic literature.

Is there a particular moment or highlight of your career that stands out as most gratifying to you?

There isn’t one particular moment that stands out, but rather a huge appreciation for the doors that have been opened for me, including recently being recruited to serve as Chief of Sports Medicine at Loyola University Medical Center. I’m grateful to the many people who have supported, promoted, and encouraged me. Without their help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What advice do you have for prospective authors?

Ask questions, lots of them! Before moving forward with a study, though, make sure that you’ve clearly defined the question that you want to answer and that the methodology you have planned will allow you collect the necessary data to answer that question.

Aside from orthopaedic manuscripts, what have you been reading/listening to/watching lately?

I love listening to music and I frequently listen to the Madam Athlete podcast! I’ve also been reading a book entitled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck, which I find really interesting.

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