DEI Scholarship: New Editorial and Research in JBJS Open Access

In a new editorial, Dr. George Dyer, Deputy Editor of the AOA Critical Issues in Education section of JBJS Open Access, reflects on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in a changing environment. He comments on 2 DEI-related research articles now available in JBJS Open Access. 

Editorial: DEI Scholarship in a Changing Political Environment 

Dr. Dyer notes the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on 2 affirmative action cases as well as measures passed by individual states. “In this light,” he writes, “the current issue of JBJS Open Access includes 2 AOA Critical Issues in Education articles that we have deemed appropriate to publish together. Both articles were somewhat controversial during the editing process, with our expert reviewers split on whether to publish them at all. The difference of opinion came down partly to academic quality—which was addressed through the revision process—while it also may have exposed the unease that many of us are feeling in this transitional time. I’d like to lean into that discomfort a little.” 

Read the 2 papers, which are freely accessible at 

In this study, Harris et al. sought to examine the effectiveness of initiatives to increase diversity within orthopaedic surgery. They assessed the association between matching into orthopaedic surgery residency programs and both underrepresented minority (URM) status and applicant sex using data from 2011 to 2021.  

The aim of this study by Terle et al. was to determine the number and distinct types of DEI positions within U.S. orthopaedic surgery residency programs. The authors evaluated 193 residency program websites for information about the programs including statements advocating for diversity and diversity-focused faculty positions. 

Access the full editorial by Dr. Dyer: Editorial: DEI Scholarship in a Changing Political Environment 

For additional education-related articles from JBJS Open Access, go to the AOA Critical Issues in Education collection at JBJS. org.

For authors interested in submitting an article to the AOA Critical Issues in Education channel, see the Author Resource Center.

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