JBJS OrthoCorps: Check Out the Latest Recordings and Share Your Story!

The JBJS OrthoCorps project continues to grow, with new recordings being added to the archive. Launched earlier this year, the OrthoCorps mission is to preserve the voices and memories of the global orthopaedic community.  

Among recent recordings: 

Steve McCollam and Danny Guy Remember Bob Wells 

Pediatric Orthopaedics in North America: Traveling Down Memory Lane with Dr. Hugh Watts 

Idiopathic Scoliosis—Past, Present, and Future: A Leader’s Perspective 

Thomas Einhorn and Robert Leach on the History of Boston University’s Orthopedics Program 

An Icon in Sports Medicine: Joel Boyd Remembers Peter Fowler 

The Life and Legacy of Dr. Freddie H. Fu 

More conversations 

Add Your Story to OrthoCorps

Inspired by StoryCorps and independently organized by JBJS, OrthoCorps is an online audio archive hosted at JBJS.org. Readers of JBJS and members of the wider community—students, residents, clinicians, surgeons, educators, staff, and patients alike—are encouraged to contribute their own stories in the form of single-speaker narratives or informal conversations between colleagues, family, or friends, reflecting on the important moments and people in their lives.  

For those interested in contributing to OrthoCorps, several resources are available to help you get started. These include Interview Tips and Examples of Interview Questions to aid in planning and guiding your conversation, and Sound Quality Tips to ensure the best audio quality possible. More information regarding OrthoCorps requirements as well as instructions can be found in the OrthoCorps Submission Guidelines. 

Already have a recording? Submit your story. 

Contact orthocorps@jbjs.org with any questions. 

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