Illustration depicting three examples of acetabular sector angles in hip dysplasia.

Video Abstract: Defining Hip Dysplasia and Thresholds to Guide Management

A video abstract is available with the new study by Verhaegen et al. in JBJS: 

Acetabular Sector Angles in Asymptomatic and Dysplastic Hips: Defining Dysplasia and Thresholds to Guide Management

In this study, researchers assessed acetabular sector angles (ASAs) on CT scans at different axial levels. Measurements were compared between control patients with asymptomatic, high-functioning hips and patients with symptomatic, dysplastic hips who had undergone periacetabular osteotomy. ASA thresholds for hip dysplasia were determined. 

Watch the video abstract.  

As concluded by the authors, “Measurement of ASA is a reliable tool to identify focal acetabular deficiency with high accuracy, aiding diagnosis and management.” 

Read the study by Verhaegen et al. at

JBJS Video

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