JBJS is pleased to highlight our Elite Reviewers. The Elite Reviewers Program recognizes our best reviewers for their outstanding efforts. All JBJS reviewers help us maintain the highest standards for quality orthopaedic publishing.

Name: Robert A. Arciero, MD

Affiliation: University of Connecticut Health

Years in practice: 32 years

How did you begin reviewing for other journals and for JBJS in particular?

I was asked by editors and/or associate editors because of my interests in shoulder and knee injuries in sports medicine.

What is your top piece of advice for those reviewers who aspire to reach Elite status?

It may sound trite, but the reviewer must read the manuscript thoroughly and reflect on each aspect of the purpose, hypothesis, methods, results, and conclusion. Each section should be approached with a serious number of “why”s.

I think it is important that the reviewer have some command of the published literature on the particular topic and be willing to review that literature to review or comment on the manuscript.

Reviewing is a tedious process and takes time. It takes me routinely 1 to 2 hours to review properly.

Aside from orthopaedic manuscripts, what have you been reading lately?

I have been reading a lot about the Greatest Generation lately and biographies on some of my sports heroes — Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle etc. I also practice a lot of guitar.

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