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OrthoJOE Podcast Spotlights New JBJS Article Type Encouraging Creative Expression

JBJS has expanded the popular “What’s Important” article series to include a new section focused on creativity entitled “What’s Important: Arts & Humanities.” In the latest episode of the OrthoJOE podcast, Drs. Marc Swiontkowski and Mohit Bhandari are joined by special guest Dr. Bob Schenck, JBJS Deputy Editor for Arts and Humanities, in an inspiring discussion about their shared vision for this newest section of the Orthopaedic Forum. In their conversation, they explore the value of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, the trickle-down benefits of cultivating one’s creative side, and the relationship between art and wellness.

The JBJS readership is invited to reflect on their own artistic side and to submit fiction, nonfiction prose, poetry, photography, and art for consideration within the new “What’s Important” section. As Drs. Schenck and Swiontkowski note in a recent editorial introducing the series, “In reality, ‘arts and humanities’ and ‘medicine’ are commonly viewed as separate fields of human activity—arts and humanities are the application of creativity and the study of culture and society, while medicine (in a technical sense) is the practice of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. This is a somewhat false dichotomy as physicians are clearly creative, imaginative, and inquisitive.” They also point to research showing the benefits of creative outlets for health-care professionals.

OrthoJOE cohost Dr. Bhandari was an early contributor to the new series; his artwork “A Look in the Mirror” was featured in the January 5, 2022 issue of JBJS, accompanied by his personal reflections on building a creative mindset.

Readers interested in submitting creative content for consideration in the “What’s Important: Arts & Humanities” section can use the JBJS manuscript submission system, which can be accessed here. Or contact editorial@jbjs.org with any questions.

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