Celebrating 1 Year of JBJS OrthoCorps

OrthoCorps at One Year: A Growing Audio Archive

OrthoBuzz marks the 1-year anniversary of JBJS OrthoCorps, an initiative that aims to preserve the voices and memories of the global orthopaedic community. In March 2023, OrthoCorps’ first three interviews, conversations between Editor-in-Chief Dr. Marc Swiontkowski and his colleagues, went live: A True Renaissance Man: Terry Gioe and Marc Swiontkowski Remember Ed McElfresh; Peter Cole Discusses Michael Ehrlich’s Passion for Research and Resident Training; and Denis Clohisy on Being Raised by Parents Who Worked in Medicine. In the year since, OrthoCorps has published over 60 interviews featuring surgeons and orthopaedic leaders around the world.

This community archive not only provides insights into the lives and careers of some of the most recognizable names in orthopaedics, but also serves as a forum where any and all can share their personal story or an interview with someone who has inspired them on their orthopaedic journey. Each contribution offers a valuable opportunity for listeners to learn from others’ unique experiences and perspectives. Notable collections from the past year include interviews with members of the Twentieth Century Orthopaedic Association and past presidents and members of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association.

Explore the OrthoCorps archive.

Interested in submitting your own contribution to OrthoCorps? JBJS welcomes stories or interviews from students, residents, clinicians, surgeons, educators, and patients alike. As stated by Dr. Swiontkowski upon the launch of the archive, everyone has a story to tell, no matter the subject—and sharing your story with the community will no doubt help “build connections between our individual worlds and serve to strengthen the human bond that drove us into the business of caring for patients in the first place.” To get started with your own contribution, check out our guidelines and available resources.

Questions? Contact orthocorps@jbjs.org.

Interested in more JBJS content showcasing the lives of the orthopaedic community? Explore the “What’s Important” article collection at JBJS.org, Resident Roundup on OrthoBuzz, and our library of JBJS podcasts.

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