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Key findings in sports medicine on topics such as rotator cuff repair, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, and more are presented in the new JBJS Guest Editorial What’s New in Sports Medicine. Here, we highlight the 5 most compelling studies, as selected by co-author Cassandra A. Lee, MD. 


A clinical practice guideline consisting of 73 recommendations and 3 clinical decision algorithms was developed to aid in the diagnosis and management of rotator cuff disorders and to support the return to work of adult patients. An active rehabilitation program plus oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs was favored over corticosteroid injections and opioids for initial nonoperative management. Recommendations for the use of advanced imaging for a suspected full-thickness rotator cuff tear, a traumatic event, or failure of nonoperative management were also provided, among other guidelines1. 

In a systematic review and meta-analysis, arthroscopic Bankart repair with remplissage was compared with Bankart repair only or the Latarjet procedure with respect to return-to-sport rates, functional outcomes, and adverse events among athletes. Remplissage was associated with significantly higher odds of return to sport (odds ratio [OR], 2.71; p = 0.02) and significantly lower odds of recurrence (OR, 0.18; p < 0.001) and reoperation (OR, 0.17; p = 0.001) compared with the other surgical alternatives2. 


A systematic review compared the outcomes, at a minimum 2-year follow-up, of patients with femoroacetabular impingement who underwent a capsulotomy either with capsular repair (249 hips) or without capsular repair (157 hips). The group with capsular repair showed greater improvement in patient-reported outcomes than the group with no repair. The rate of hip survivorship was also higher in the capsular repair group, although the rate of revision did not differ between the groups3. 


The STABILITY group reported the findings of their randomized clinical trial evaluating clinical outcomes in patients at a high risk for graft failure who underwent ACL reconstruction with or without a lateral extra-articular tenodesis (LET) augment. Patients who received the LET augment had a 67% relative reduction in the risk of graft rupture and a 38% relative reduction in the risk of clinical failure compared with those who did not receive the augment4,5. 

The outcomes of adolescents with first-time patellar dislocation who underwent medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction were compared with those of adolescents who underwent MPFL repair or who did not undergo treatment. Patients in the MPFL reconstruction cohort were 5 times less likely to experience recurrent instability and 8 times less likely to undergo a secondary procedure. They also returned to sport at a higher rate than patients in the other cohort (66.7% vs. 39.1%, respectively)6. 

What’s New in Sports Medicine is freely available at JBJS.org. 

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