A Thank You to JBJS Elite Reviewers

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for all of our Elite Reviewers. These are a select group of individuals who go above and beyond the Reviewer duties and provide consistent, quality reviews for all submissions. We would not be able to uphold our high standards for peer-review without their contributions.

  • Julie Agel
  • Robert Arciero
  • Jan Bartoníček
  • Ross A. Benthien
  • John G. Birch
  • R. Dale Blasier
  • Thomas J. Blumenfeld
  • Martin Boublik
  • Keith Bridwell
  • Chew Ee Ming Darryl
  • Charles N. Cornell
  • Roger Cornwall
  • Thomas A. DeCoster
  • Douglas R. Dirschl
  • Lori Ann Dolan
  • Lawrence D. Dorr
  • Shivi Duggal
  • Paul, J. Duwelius
  • Nicholas J. Giori
  • H. Kerr Graham
  • A. Seth Greenwald
  • Allan E. Gross
  • Christopher D. Harner
  • Iftach Hetsroni
  • Nitin Jain
  • David S. Jevsevar
  • Charles E. Johnston
  • Grant Lloyd Jones
  • Michael P. Kelly
  • Andrew P. Kurmis
  • Nicholas Kusnezov
  • William D. Lack
  • Simon M. Lambert
  • Mark Chong Lee
  • Paul E. Levin
  • Jonathan C. Levy
  • Morio Matsumoto
  • Terence E. McIff
  • Michael D. McKee
  • Harry A. McKellop
  • Dana C. Mears
  • Saeed Miramini
  • Fred R. Nelson
  • Peter O. Newton
  • Kanu Okike
  • Steven A. Olson
  • Terrance Peabody
  • Stephen Pinney
  • Kodali Siva Rama Krishna Prasad
  • Per-Henrik Randsborg
  • David Ring
  • Peter S. Rose
  • Robert C. Schenck, Jr.
  • Herbert S. Schwartz
  • Edward M. Schwarz
  • William F. Scully
  • Howard Seeherman
  • David A. Spiegel
  • Michael A. Stone
  • James B. Talmage
  • Lauren M. Tatman
  • James E. Tibone
  • Daniel G. Tobert
  • Thomas Parker Vail
  • Andre J. van Wijnen
  • Arvind G. von Keudell
  • Brian C. Werner
  • Carol A. Wise
  • David A. Wong
  • Jacques T. YaDeau
  • Adolph J. Yates, Jr.

Read more about our Elite Reviewers Program here.


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