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How to Become iPad-Savvy

According to the JBJS Mobile Technology and Social Medial Usage Study released in March 2014, on average, orthopaedic surgeons spend approximately 42 minutes a day on tablets. But if you feel like a late-comer to the world of iPads and are not sure where to begin, TopOrthoApps can help you distill which apps are right for you to get started. Data show that surgeons now use tablets for checking formulary schedules, communicating with patients, reading journals and seeking orthopaedic information, TopOrthoApps can help you populate your iPad with the most useful apps available.

Must-Have Knee-Replacement App for Patients

TopOrthoApps.com, a medical-app review site, gives My Knee Guide a top rating for patients who are thinking about having a knee replacement. The app, available for iPhones and iPads, received the highest ratings for functionality, coolness, and overall features. This app includes a calendar of specific surgery details, email alerts to remind patients of things to do, and a guide that tells patients what to expect on the days prior to and after surgery. From the physician perspective, My Knee Guide helps orthopaedic surgeons set expectations for patients and educates them throughout the process. The app also includes commentaries from patients about their actual experiences with knee replacement.